There are over 100 types of goldfish! All of the goldfish breeds belong to one of two types. The two types are the ORDINARY goldfish and FANCY goldfish. Ordinary goldfish have only one tail, while fancy goldfish have two tails.

Ordinary Goldfish Types

Common Goldfish

The common goldfish is an ordinary goldfish. It has a narrow body, which makes it a fast swimmer.

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Shubunkin Goldfish

The shubunkin is another ordinary goldfish. It has black and orange markings.

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Comet Goldfish

The Comet Goldfish is another Ordinary Type of goldfish. It is the only species that has originated in the United States.

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Fancy Goldfish Types

Fantail Goldfish

The Fantail Goldfish is the most popular of the Fancy types of goldfish. They are known to have been around for at least 1300 years.

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Ryukin Goldfish

The Ryukin are the Japanese version of the Fantail. These fancy goldfish are taller than they are long.

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Oranda Goldfish

One of the most popular fancy goldfish breeds is the oranda. Like most fancy goldfish it has a round body.

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Pearl-scale Goldfish

An interesting fancy goldfish is the Pearl-scale. It has spherical scales with a raised center making it very unique.

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Telescope Eye Goldfish

Telescope Eye goldfish are also known as globe eye goldfish. They actually lose a lot of their visual acuity as they grow and usually are considered handicapped because of this.

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Black Moor Goldfish

The Black Moor Goldfish is a black colored version of the Telescope Eye Goldfish. This fancy goldfish is a hardier version than the Telescope Eye.

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Bubble-eye Goldfish

The bubble-eye goldfish is also a fancy goldfish. It notably has a large bubble under each eye.

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Celestial Eye Goldfish - Small

Celestial Eye Goldfish

The Celestial Eye Goldfish is a fancy goldfish that has eyes that point skyward.

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