Bubble Eye Goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish

The Bubble Eye goldfish are well known for their fluid filled sacs that grow beneath each eye. The eyes themselves are completely normal. The sacs are usually the same size.

When this fish swims the sacs bounce up and down giving it a unique profile appearance. The sacs are delicate and prone to injury but can repair themselves. All sharp objects should be removed from the tank to avoid sac injury.

The colors can range in combinations of red, orange, silver, blue, violet , yellow and black. The more dark blues and black color noted the more valuable the fish.

They Bubble-eye are a fancy type of goldfish and thus have a double caudal fin and no dorsal fin. They develop no growth on the tops of their heads.

Life Expectancy: 5-10 Years

Ave Length: 3-5 Inches (Not including tail)

Care Level: Expert

Temp Requirements: 55-65 degrees F

With these temperature sensitivities this fish in NOT recommended for outdoor pools.

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