How To Care For Goldfish

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Taking care of goldfish is relatively easy for ordinary types and can be extremely challenging for some fancy types. For this reason it is not recommended when caring for goldfish to mix the ordinary and fancy types and is best to only have one species in a tank or pond.

Items Needed for Optimal Goldfish Care. 

How to Set-Up a Goldfish Tank. 

Information on Ordinary and Fancy Types of Goldfish.

How to Choose Your Goldfish.

Routine Goldfish Tank Maintenance.

What and How to Feed your Goldfish.

How to Clean Your Goldfish Tank.

Common Goldfish Problems.

Most Common Goldfish Illnesses.

Please take your task as the caretaker of your goldfish seriously. Because your fish are in an artificial environment in your home or pond it is important to optimize your goldfish home environment by responsibly providing the following:

  1. Excellent Water Quality
  2. Correct Feeding Quantities, Timing and Amount
  3. Proper Water Temperature
  4. Balanced Fish Community.... Avoid Over-Crowding
  5. Appropriate Environment with Shelter
  6. Adequate Lighting

Provide these things and you, your family and friends will have years of enjoyment with your goldfish. 

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