Goldfish As Pets?!

Yes! Goldfish are great pets for the young and the not so young alike. They are relatively easy to care for and if cared for correctly can give you many years of enjoyment.

Whether you just won a fish at a local carnival and need to know how to care for it or you are looking for information on how to choose or care for a fish this is the site for you.

Our multi-generational family (from elementary age children to grandparents) has put this site together because we love fish and are particularly fond of 'gold' fish and would like to share our passion with you.

Our goal is to help you through most of the usual questions and give you the most requested information about having goldfish as pets.


Common Goldfish Questions
There are many common goldfish questions that visitors ask. This page will attempt to answer those questions. Including goldfish questions on feeding, care, lifespan, etc.
Types of Goldfish
There are over 100 types of goldfish. This page shows some popular goldfish breeds.
What to feed goldfish
What to feed goldfish is a common concern for pet owners. There are several options discussed on this page.
History of Fishkeeping
The history of fishkeeping is very interesting. This page is a brief review of the history of fishkeeping including a time line.
Goldfish Names? What are Your Favorite
Goldfish Names can be unique and fun. We can give you some name ideas and you can share your favorites with us.
Care items needed for goldfish
For optimal goldfish care you will need some specific care items. We will list what you need to set-up and maintain your fish tank.
Goldfish Illnesses
Goldfish Illnesses occur with expert and novice aquarists alike. This page reviews the most common goldfish diseases that occur and what to do.
Goldfish Problems
Many goldfish problems can occur while caring for your fish. This page reviews the most common problems, unusual behavior and simple diagnosis and solutions.
How To Care For Goldfish
Wondering how to care for goldfish? This page reviews taking care of goldfish including differences in caring for goldfish of ordinary or fancy types of goldfish.
Contribute to Goldfish
Would you like to share your knowledge about goldfish? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.