Pearl-Scale Goldfish

The Pearl-scale goldfish is becoming quite popular. It is a fancy goldfish that has a spherical shape to it's body. It appears similiar to a Fantail, but is shorter and fatter. The Pearl Scale Goldfish back arches high like a Ryukin.

The Pearl-scale is known for it's oddly shaped scales. They appear to be an oval shape with a hard raised area in the very center. Fish with these odd scales are more prized....if the original odd shaped scales fall off from trauma or other reason the scales that grow in are then just flat normal scales.

Temperature: 60-75 degrees F

Size: 4 inches

Max Size: 8 inches

Colors: Black, Orange, Red , White

Diseases and fungus are sometimes a problem in the crevices and folds of thier skin. This can be decreased with good aeration. 

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