Choosing goldfish can make anyone anxious. First decide what type of goldfish you would like to have. Basically, you need to decide whether to focus on ordinary goldfish or fancy goldfish. Ordinary goldfish are generally cheaper and easier to care for than fancy goldfish.

For more info on types of goldfish go to types of goldfish page

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When choosing your goldfish keep in mind that goldfish are fairly social creatures so consider getting more than one. When purchasing more than one goldfish it is recommended they all be of the same variety.

Cost can vary greatly depending on whether you buy them from a discount store, pet store, breeder or private owner. Cheaper goldfish may not be as healthy as more expensive goldfish. (But not always). Don't forget to consider asking friends & family if they know of anyone who is giving goldfish away. 

It is recommended that your tank be set-up at least 24 hours before buying fish. For more info on tank set-up see our tank set-up page

What To Look For.....

When choosing your goldfish to take home be patient and look the entire tank over. Check each fish and pick them individually. Here are some things to look for:

  1. That it is currently living in Clear Water.
  2. The goldfish has Clear Eyes.
  3. The fins do NOT droop and are intact.
  4. It has NO missing scales.
  5. There are NO bumps on the goldfish.
  6. It is a strong swimmer.

If there are no fish that meet these criteria.... DON'T buy any and come back another day or go elsewhere. Goldfish can live 5-10 years so make sure they are healthy. 

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