For optimal goldfish care you will need some specific care items. Listed below are items you will need for set-up and maintenance of your tank for your fish.

There are many options available in pet stores and on-line. Several tank set-ups come complete in a box and are an excellent way to get started quickly.

1. Fish Tank

Goldfish need a fair amount of water to be healthy. It is recommended that if you have three large goldfish that they be in a minimum of 10 gallons of water. And remember your goldfish will probably grow some after you buy it. A long fish tank is better for goldfish than a tall one. A goldfish bowl may be sufficient for a single goldfish, but frequent water changes are necessary.

Avoid Overcrowding....Optimal Tank Size.

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2. Tank Stand

A sturdy table or tank stand is recommended. The weight of several gallons of water is substantial.

3. Filter with Filter Media

4. Water Conditioner

These come in small plastic bottles at most pet stores. These special drops keep the water in your fish tank healthy for your goldfish.

5. Decorations

Have some fun here....there are some great decorations available. Be careful NOT to use anything that has been in a saltwater aquarium or the ocean as the salt will harm your fish at high levels. Also consider a few plastic plants for places for your goldfish to hide from each other.

6. Goldfish Food

If using packaged foods use ONLY goldfish foods (not tropical fish foods). For complete details on options see Feeding Goldfish page. Also take a peek at a Sample Goldfish Diet.

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7. Thermometer

8. Gravel

9. Tank Hood or Cover and Light

The tank hood or cover help decrease evaporation of your water and also help keep your goldfish from jumping out of your tank. A light is also essential to good goldfish care as it helps the fish distinctly tell night from day and be able to get adequate rest. Most hoods/covers will have a light.

10. Small Fish Net

This item is great for removing extra food from the surface after feedings.

11. Gravel Vacuum

This is especially important for larger tanks. See our cleaning your fish tank page for more information on keeping your tank clean and performing water changes.

12. 1-5 Goldfish

Have your tank completely set-up for at least 24 hours before buying goldfish. For great tips on picking out fish see our choosing goldfish page.

For complete information on goldfish tank set-up visit our tank set-up page.

Goldfish with bubbles

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