Goldfish Tank Maintenance

Routine goldfish tank maintenance is essential for optimal health of your fish. When caring for goldfish there are tasks that should be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

This is an example of a typical schedule.


-Turn tank lights on in the morning and off in the evening

-Feed the Goldfish twice daily at approximately the same time.

-Clear any excess food from tank with net after 5 min. of feeding.

-Check Water Temperature to ensure it is optimal for species.

-Confirm that the Filter and Aerator are functioning properly.


-Examine Goldfish for signs of disease.

-If water evaporation has occured add water to refill tank (use water conditioner appropriately).

-Test water for pH and Nitrates.


-Using algae scraper clean tank walls.

-Rinse off any ornaments that have algae.

-Do a 1/4 water change.

-Rinse Filter Media

-Replace Activated Carbon


-Rinse inside of tank and gravel.

-Change aeration stone.

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