Sample Goldfish Diet

When feeding goldfish as discussed on our 'What to Feed Goldfish' page it is important to vary the diet of your goldfish. Below is a sample goldfish diet for 28 days.

The goal is to provide your fish with a variety for all their needs. This is particularly important for more exotic types of goldfish and if you are considering breeding your fish.

Feel free to substitute any of the foods listed on the 'What to Feed Goldfish' page


Day 1 Flake Food

Day 2 Brine Shrimp

Day 3 Earthworms

Day 4 Flake Food

Day 5 Beans

Day 6 Spinach

Day 7 Flake Food

Day 8 Brine Shrimp

Day 9 Flake Food

Day 10 Clams

Day 11 Broccoli

Day 12 Flake Food

Day 13 Earthworms

Day 14 Brine Shrimp

Day 15 Flake Food

Day 16 Spinach

Day 17 Flake Food

Day 18 Brine Shrimp

Day 19 Beans

Day 20 Flake Food

Day 21 Peas

Day 22 Earthworms

Day 23 Flake Food

Day 24 Spinach

Day 25 Brine Shrimp

Day 26 Flake Food

Day 27 Beans

Day 28 Ground Beef Raw


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