Goldfish Poisoning

Goldfish poisoning is not uncommon. Usual symptoms include darting around the tank wildly, appear uncoordinated, gasping for air.

If you suspect poisoning check for the following:

  1. Insecticide Exposure: For Example treating your dog for fleas or ticks or your plants for aphid in a room that an aquarium is in.
  2. Lead Poisoning: Water that has come in through old Lead Pipes.
  3. Copper Poisoning: Water that has come in through newly laid Copper piping or a continuous flow water heater.
  4. Paints, Solvents, etc.: Organic based solvents and cleaners should not be used in rooms with aquariums.
  5. Inactive Filter Bacteria, Overdose of Medication, or wrong medication for Goldfish Illnesses. This usually results in an elevation of Nitrite and/or ammonia levels.

Treatment: Remove offending agent and do a water change immediately. Check Nitrite and Ammonia levels.

More information on Goldfish Illnesses.

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