Goldfish Lice

Goldfish Lice is a parasitic disease. Fish Lice is one of the common goldfish illnesses and is highly contagious. This crab shaped parasite is about a quarter of an inch in size. These disc shaped creatures clamp on and refuse to let go.

They are usually found on the bodies and gills of the fish. If the parasite lets go the area it was attached to is then a prime site for secondary infection.

Symptoms: Round parasites will be seen clamped on the fish skin. The fish will be seen rubbing up against items in the fish tank to try to remove them. They may even try to jump out of the tank.

Treatment: There are a number of commercially prepared anti-parasitic medications that can be used to treat the effected fish and the tank that it resides. Dipterex, Masoten, Dylox, or Nequvon are the most frequently recommended. The fish should be quarantined and the tank disinfected. Treat the fish for possible secondary bacterial infection with a broad spectrum antibiotic. These items are available at your local or online pet store.

This is an extremely treatable disease.

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