Goldfish Gill Fluke

Goldfish Gill Fluke is a highly contagious parasitic goldfish illness. The flukes are microscopic parasites that burrow themselves into the gills. The Gill Flukes scientific name is the Dactylogyrus.

Symptoms: The gills swell up and appear red or pink. Fish swim at the surface attempting to get more oxygen. Pus like fluid may come from the gills.

There is also a Skin Fluke whose scientific name is Gyrodactulus. This fluke burrows in the skin and gives the skin a swollen appearance. This fish will be rubbing against tank contents to try to remove the parasite.

Treatment: Almost any anti-parasitic medication will successfully treat this illness. Isolate the fish and disinfect their aquarium. Watch carefully for secondary bacterial infection. Appropriate medications are available at local or online pet stores.

This is a very treatable illness.

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