Goldfish Anchor Worm

Goldfish Anchor Worm is a goldfish parasitic disease. It is a common goldfish illness. The Anchor Worm actually burrows its anchored shaped head under the scales of the goldfish.

The fish will rub up against anything to try to get the parasite off. These creatures cause an area of irritation that can be a site for a source of secondary infection.

Symptoms: A white worm protrudes from a red irritated area on the body of the goldfish.

Treatment: Begin by carefully removing the parasite. Using a wet cloth remove the fish from the tank. With a pair of household tweezers, grasp the parasite as close to the fish as possible. Attempt to remove the parasite completely intact without injury to the fish. Treat with antiseptic and broad spectrum antibiotic for possible secondary bacterial infection. Treat tank with anti-parasitic medicaiton. These are available at your local or online pet store.

Anti-Parasite Medicated Fish Food - 1 oz.

Hikari Prazipro Parasite Treatment 4 Oz

Fish-flex - 100 pk - 250 mg per tablet

Sera Baktopur - 50 ml

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